Welcome to Google

Dear Parents,

By now, I am sure your child has come home and told you about some of the exciting things we are doing during their technology time. I know that your child using Google may be a unfamiliar and maybe a little scary.

Here are some of the things that your student will experience and benefit from when using Google Applications.

  • quicker feed back from your child’s teachers
  • a safe place for homework and projects to be stored in the cloud. No more worrying losing work or the computer not saving incomplete work.

How will this improve student learning…..

Google Applications will lead to a more personalized learning for your student. Your child will be able to receive assignments at their level from the teacher. It will help them hone and build collaboration skills, as they can share and work on mutual projects with other students.

Students will be given access to a whole world of resources to enhance and extend their learning.

They can use Google Earth to explore different parts of the world and go on virtual field trips

They can use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to work on assignments, publish projects that they have created, and share them with fellow students/teachers.

Students can use YouTube to look up videos in a safe and structured environment to further knowledge, help create projects for makerspaces.

Access to Google Applications

Students will have access to Google Applications during

  • Technology Time
  • Classroom instruction
  • MTSS Groups

*Please note that your child will be supervised and receiving instruction when on Google Applications at school. They will be able to access it at home. Please set safe guidelines for using technology in your home.


Further Information on using Google Applications and the evolving classroom


Ted Talks: Building a School in the Cloud












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