Welcome to My Wild World

Welcome to My World of Books, Library, Technology and the comings and goings of my elementary kiddos as they adventure into the world of reading and creating.  For the last couple of years, I have been blogging in general about books, my adventures as a library para, and the general musings of a book buff. I have decided to narrow my focus to my new job as the head Librarian at Thomas Jefferson Elementary, in Bettendorf Iowa.

For the last couple of years I have been working as an assistant at a library in the Bettendorf School District. This past fall I made a big jump to a new school and a new position. I am now the head librarian at Thomas Jefferson Elementary. So far it has been an awesome ride. I am getting to know my new kids,starting to making friends with my new staff, and getting to know all the books in the library.

There are several new adventures on the horizon but the one I am most excited about it is our upcoming Skype Session


Matthew Cody!

He is the author of 



He is also the author of the compelling and brand new book


He will be talking with our 4th and 5th graders about The Peddler’s Road, on Dec 18th!

I have been pre-reading it, so I can read it aloud to the kiddos. It is an amazing! I can’t bring myself to put it it down! If you a have the chance go to the library and check it out right away.

Look here for updates on The Peddler’s Road!

Your Lucky Librarian,

Mrs. W.S.


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