Book Talks

4th and 5th Grade Library Students 

We will be chatting with Matthew Cody on Dec 18th. Below are four different ways you can get ready for our conversation with Mr. Cody.

  • Unknown-1Draw your own book jacket. Design your own book jacket for Peddler’s Road. Remember the story does not give us great detail about what the Pied Piper looks like. This is a chance to be bring your vision of him to life. If you create a book jacket, I will take a picture of it and tweet it to Matthew Cody.
  • Make a book trailer on Peddler’s Road. Remember when you do a book trailer, we do not include content that spoilers. Remember you are just hooking the reader, not telling the whole book. Please use powtoon to create your book trailer.

  • Create a retell or book summary. You can do this two different ways. You can write a retell/Summary and leave it as a post under the book talk section of my blog. You can also create a video retell with a partner. Do it in the style of a talk show host interviewing someone. Email it to me through your google accounts and I will post it to my youtube channel. Please use the ipads to make your video.
  • Create a Plicker account and make a presentation with questions that your class will have to vote on using the Plicker application.  The app for this application is already on our school iPads.

If you have any questions or concerns you can just leave a comment at the end of the blog. Remember, I see all comments and they have to be approved before they can appear on the site.

Create on my poppets,

Mrs. WS