Our First MakerSpace Challenge

Sphero Chariot Challenge!


You have been challenged by the Great Empress  of the Library Mrs. W.S. to a great chariot race.  It is a great honor that you have been asked to race, but you must create your very own chariot. For the Great Empire of the Library requires all Charioteers to build their own chariots.

Below you will find the requirements to enter the great race. 

  • First you must research what it meant to be Charioteer and race in the Colosseum. I suggest using the below search engines as your jumping off point.
  1.  http://www.romanmysteries.com/charioteer-facts
  2. http://school.eb.com/?target=%2Ffailedlogin%3Ftarget%3D%252F
  3. http://auth.grolier.com/login/tfx/login.php

After researching the topic, please create a character who is about to race in a great Chariot Race. The story must be based on historical fact. Please submit your story with your design.

Please remember to use your school login for sites 2 and 3. If you have forgotten your login, please ask Mrs. W.S. for a reminder. 

  • Next you must create a design for your Chariot. You will need to ask yourselves the following questions
  1. Sphero is my horse. How will I connect my chariot to him?
  2. All things that move need something to make it move. How will I program Sphero to move?
  3. What should my Chariot be made out of? What happens if it is to heavy? What happens if it is to light?
  4. Should I program Sphero before or after I create the Chariot?
  5. What potential problems might I run into when creating my chariot?
  6. Should I free drive my Chariot or is it more stable to create a program?
  7. Should I do this buy myself or should I create a team?

Your chariot will have to run 7 laps, just like the Charioteers of old.

You may design your chariot anyway you want.

It is required you journal or photo journal your process.

  • Please document ideas (Even if you don’t use them, I want to see your thinking process), failures, successes, what was easy, what was hard. If you chose to do this with a partner please make sure a part of your journal is what the collaboration process looked like.  
  • Your documentation journal is 50% of your grade, so please make sure you are journaling about your project. 

Please find this video below to help you get a general idea of how this will work.






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