Multimedia Activity for Student Center  Instruction

Below you will find an activity that I could push into your classroom with. This will integrate the technology piece they learn at tech time and support your literacy block.

Assignment: Have students create a presentation using their guided reading books.

  1. Have students form groups
  2. Have them  from Animoto, Youtube or Powtoon: Please note that the link for Youtube is my channel, and this is where the students should post their videos.
  3. Have groups pick an author study, character study, or elements of the genre
  4. Use the tool to present the study of their choices




Why is this Student Center?

This is a student centered activity. First the students are choosing how to apply the knowledge they learned.  Second, it is up to students decide how they want to present the information they have obtained.  Students will have all taken away different ideas, thoughts, and perceptions of the book. This activity will create a collaboration of ideas and views of one book.

Examples of Generating ideas for your videos

Students will use one of these tools to organize their thoughts for their videos. Here is the example I will use when I teach the lesson.

Example of Graphic Organizer 


(My Example)


(Student Example, and Student Work)

Popplet– This is a great tool for creating a study of a character, author, or genre. I think it is a great way for students to work together and brainstorm on a subject. You can later use this tool as a starting point for a book trailer or summary.


Tagxedo– This is a great way to describe a character or book. It will take key terms that students use to and create an image out of those words. This will help students to see if they have common ideas on their study. The more a word is used, the larger it will appear.

  • Please note that I will be using this as my example for how to organize my thoughts when I push into the classroom.


Example of Book Summary Assignment

These are students presenting a teaser summary of the book “Found” by Margret Peterson Haddix






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